Saturday, May 13, 2017

Calm in a storm //

One year ago around this time, my right side of my face went completely numb. After visiting the emergency room, multiple doctors, and a chiropractor I was informed that the facial numbness was a nerve, similar to bells pausey but without the pause. During these multitude of doctor visits, we were also informed that my sugar levels were high. While at the emergency room they found sugar in my urine & told me I needed to get it checked out by my regular doctor. So I had my first of many A1C tests done. My levels came back as pre-diabetic at first but the second time my A1C was a little higher. My mom then decided it was time to see an endocrinologist to get to the bottom of the issue.
In the fall, I began seeing yet another doctor. He suggested that it was a good idea to have a fasting glucose tolerance test done (this is a horrible experience). 
After receiving these results, my endocrinologist diagnosed me with lipodystrophy. This is a very rare disease that affects the fat tissue in your body. So in simple terms, I have fat growing on my organs rather than where they're suppose to be. This is the cause of my diabetes (which I'm now declared as type one), my high cholesterol, and my other many issues to come. 
As of now, I'm only feeling joint pains from where the fat will sometimes build on my joints and cramp up but other than that I feel pretty good. I am on 2 medicines as of now and have to take my sugar twice a day. My family & I are choosing to look at the brightest picture possible through this storm but we know it is all part of God's big picture. We are praising Jesus that we finally have answers to the lingering questions and that we have wonderful doctors who take my health & my parents numerous questions so seriously. The Maker is such a calm presence in the time of a troubling storm.

Thank you for all your prayers & happy lipodystrophy awareness day. 
Xoxo, R. 

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