Saturday, January 23, 2016

Social media fast // the first week

So as of New Year's Day, I began my social media fast. It's been really hard and I don't think I'll make it 21 days. I changed the rules just a tad too, but I have gone mostly four days so far without social media. I deleted my Facebook & twitter apps but I do check Facebook once a day on my actual laptop and I've spent a lot of my time on my Pinterest as well as in my prayer journal. So here's an update on my life in the past 4 days:
Friday (New Years day): first day of my fast. I went shopping with my girlies & we went to my favorite restaurant, your pie. Yum. 
Saturday: day 2 of fast. We did some bridal things for my brothers fiancĂ©. We went to Nashville and looked at flowers and greenery and ate at a local rest yarn in town. We also found this perfect sunflower wall. 
Sunday: day 3 of fast! Boy, it's getting pretty tough not being on social media but we went to church and had Jason's deli for lunch :). After that we ran some errands and I took a nap before work. Later that night, my friend and I had some late night mcdondals. 

Monday: a day of rest. Watched a lot of Netflix hehe and went to work. 

Tuesday: babysitting. Oh me! 
We ended up at bounceU...


Things I've learned--- 1.Pinterest can be even more addictive when you're fasting from social media. 2. People don't understand why you're fasting. 3. Social media is almost needed in every day life... Seriously I've checked Facebook once day and always something I needed to know pops up. 4. My relationship with God and my prayer journal have increased greatly and I love it. 5. I feel like I NEED social media but my craving has lead me to spend more time talking to God & others. 

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