Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Well 2016 sure did creep up on me.... A few weeks ago I decided that at the first of the year I would challenge myself by fasting from all types of social media for 21 days, (see pending social media fast for more details). As most of you know, I am addicted to twitter , instagram, and snapchat. I also really enjoy Facebook creeping and pinning random little things that will never happen in my life.
So heres the rules:

1. Absolutely no social media for 21 days. So, starting on Friday after the ball drops I will delete all my social media apps except Facebook messenger and my sorority stuff. I'm keeping these two because I have to know sorority dates, events, and meetings and this is the only way to do so (besides, I don't really use it unless someone post important info) and Facebook messenger is staying because I need it for my dog/babysitting business. A lot of my costumers contact me this way and I don'y want to miss a job opportunity. Oh, and I'll also have to check emails too when school starts back, but that isn't really social media anyways.

2.  Begins January 1st, 2016. Of course I'll most likely post one last picture on instagram explaining my fast with this blog link attached but after it is posted, ALL the apps will be gone.

3. Ends on January 22nd, 2016. This is the day I will re-download all the apps.

4. Focusing on God more and others. every time I get the erg to download my apps back, I will be turning to my Bible or finding a way to help someone else. This month is going to be SUPER busy anyways so who really has time for this social media?!?!?

Things going on during my fast:
-New Year's Eve party @ my house
-Samantha (my soon to be sister in law!!!) bachelorette weekend
-Austin's wedding (super close family friend)
-My bestie guy friend is going to basic training
-School starts back...

I think that is all. Leave comments or questions, I'd love to answer anything that you may want to ask! I am very excited about this but also anxious.... Also, any suggestions of things to focus on doing instead would be greatly appreciated.

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