Friday, November 13, 2015

Things first graders taught me

As an "education major" (this is in quotations because I'm not officially declared....:/) I have to do observation hours or as Cumberland calls them, field experience credit. This semester I have been so blessed to be able to choose what school I wanted to go to so of course, I chose the elementary school I went to as a kid. I got paired with some amazing teachers too! But the best experience I've gotten was from Mrs. Gammon's first grade class. I adore those children and I've learned so much from being with them.

-sometimes you need to pause and have a dance break. I love this concept. A student's attention span is very short and everyone could use some good exercise so why not have a dance party?? These dance breaks are usually short, about 5 minutes, but on Fridays the students get to have a 15 minute dance break as they pack up as a reward. 

-first graders tell all. There are absolutely no secrets in first grade! These  precious gems have spilled so much about their parents and friends to me as I'm sure they do to everyone. One story I particularly loved was from a little girl while playing a board game last week. It was a game called chunks. In the game, there are two different colored blocks and the object is to pair one yellow block and one green to create a word. The little gir created the word "pills". When asked about her word she continued to tell both Mrs.Gammon and myself that her dad takes pills. So Mrs. Gammon asked her why he took the pills to which she responded, "He takes them when he gets mad.". Crazy kids. 

-first graders make friends fast. Today, I got the privilege to eat lunch with my jewels. They all faught over who I was going to sit with. I also went to recess and boy that was something! I was asked to swing, after that I had about 6 girls follow me around everywhere I went. By the end of the day, I had made 20 new friends without even trying.

-first graders are full of love. These students are so lovable and give love right back. They hug you often and reach for your hand as if you're their mom. It touched my heart to be loved by these children. 

-first grade is messy but fun. Everytime I look around the classroom, it's a mess. Wether it be crayons on the floor or a ton of scrap paper on a desk, first graders are a mess! However, there is never a dull moment. 

Overall, observing first grade has been on of the greatest experiences I've taken. It has shown me how to be a great teacher and a better friend. I've learned a lot for Mrs. Gammon as well as the students. 

Thanks for everything & a special thank you to all the teachers out there-- y'all rock!!!
Xoxo, R. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

An open letter to the person I use to know

You were once really close to me. We laughed together, cried, told stories, and took many crazy adventures. We grew as people together until the day we grew apart. And when this sad spilt happened, you took part of my heart. 

Now we're becoming adults, off in different places. Sometimes when I'm alone, driving, or listening to music I feel your memory ligner in my minds empty spaces. Your face is smiling back at mine, laughing together like old times. Oh how I wish we were like that again but darling the drift may be good. 

As we go on different journeys, I still often think of you and how our lives would be if we were still together today. However, I have grown up since then. Maturing and getting wise, I long to be silly sometimes but I know without you is probably for the best. 

I hope you're doing well. I just want you to know, I miss our times together and hope that maybe one day that we can be together again. Much love for now. So long old pal.