Friday, September 25, 2015

Blake Shelton Adventure

As many of you are aware, Blake Shelton had a free concert Wednesday night & blocked off most if not all of music row in Nashville. Well of course if you say "free concert" I'm done. I saw the big announcement Monday and made arrangements to go with Lauren (who always adventures with me to Nashville on a whim) & my mother (who does just about anything for me). 

So when Wednesday finally arrived, I was beyond excited. I was already dressed in my outfit & I helped Lauren with hers. We met mom and headed down town. I thought finding parking would be hard and traffic would be terrible but honestly it wasn't at all! We found a spot about half a mile away-which sounds far but hey we got in our steps for the day! 

We arrived about an hourish early and got decent seats... Or I mean a place to stand. Blake finally came out and sang all of my favorites: neon light, Austin, honey bee and that's not even all! It was such an awesome experience and I'm glad I got to spend it with Lauren and my mom. 

Afterwards, we grabbed pizza at one of my favorite restaurants and headed back home. It was definitely a night to remember! Thanks for a fabulous free show Blake!!! We love you! 

The scammers gunna scam scam scam

So ever since Taylor Swift announced that her 1989 tour, I've been dying to get tickets. I looked into the day tickets came out but I'm a broke college student and the tickets were extremely expensive. 
The past month, my friends, family, and I have enter every contest the radio stations have put on but no luck. So Thursday when my friend sent me a link on Craigslist, I jumped on it! I called and texted and called again the next morning practically begging for the tickets. Little did I know it was a scam. Needless to say, I paid the guy half of the money & never received my tickets as promised. After work, I tried calling the place he bought the tickets from to see if what he said was true (that the transfer was going to take a long time) and I found out that he lied. The tickets and confirmation number were real but he has used a fake name and took my money. So I tried calling his number again but of course he had disconnected his phone. This has taught me a valuable life lesson. For future reference, if someone you do not know or have not met in person asks you to western union them money, ITS A SCAM. Lesson learned the hard way. Now I'm out my money & my Taylor Swift tickets. 
'Cause the fakers gunna fake, fake, fake and the scammers gunna scam, scam, scam baby I'm just gunna shake, shake, shake, shake it off. Shake it off. 
Xoxo Rach 

Monday, September 14, 2015


It's been 84 years since I've seen my best friend.... okay so maybe it's only been two months.
BUT SHE CAME HOME THIS WEEKEND!!! When I got the text that she was finally back in the same state as me I rushed through my lunch and went to meet her so I could send as much time as possible with her before she had to leave. Saturday we met her at Belk and I may have cried a little when I actually saw her face! She went with us to run some errands and came to see Maggie (our puppy who loves her!). 
Even though I had to work all weekend & she didn't arrive until around noon Saturday, we still managed to squeeze in al our best friend to dos: sleepover, PLL (Pretty Little Lairs), and donut country of course. We spent the whole time giggling, shedding a few tears, and catching up on things we missed while being away. Let me tell you, living in a different state as your best friend might possibly be the hardest thing to do yet millions of people have to do it all the time for various reasons. Also being apart has taught me that we are both insane when we're not together. Okay so maybe we're insane either way but I sent & receive the strangest text messages. 
Overall, it was a great weekend with my best friend ever & I can't wait until I get to see you again (which is t-minus 2 weeks!!!!).