Wednesday, March 14, 2018

his purpose and confidence //

So I knew this would happen, I got behind! I am so sorry... I am just always so busy. Last night we were out late at our first pre-marital counseling meeting. Let me tell ya, I was super nervous about going to counseling but it was actually really refreshing and I am looking forward to next week. A lot of marriage stuff has been going on actually. The new quarter at church started last week so we started a new Bible class on Wednesday nights and the topic is marriage and relationships. So far, I love the class!! I am so excited to see what tonight's lesson will be about.

Enough about that, I know you're all more interested in what is under challenge #2! Well I am going to break it down into two different blogs. Half today, half tomorrow. Today's is all about praying for his purpose and confidence in Christ. With that, let us keep in mind that challenge #2 is focusing on how God shows us love. Let's begin.

understanding HIS PURPOSE: 
Psalm 57:2
Today, ask God to give your (future) man courage to find his purpose. That God will reveal to him his talents and that he will use them daily to glorify God and bring others to know Him. Pray that he has confidence in his purpose and that he uses his talents in the marriage as well. Ask God to give him encouragement and to keep negative thoughts from his mind. Amen.

Confidence IN YOU:
Jeremiah 17:7
okay, this one might be my favorite so far!
Dear Lord,
Thank you for today and the warm sunshine You so richly blessed us with. Wherever my future husband is, I pray that he feels You near. May You wash him with peace. I pray that he had a blessed day. I pray that his heart is filled with joy in You. I pray that he is confident in You and that his faith grows stronger every day. I pray that he trusts You in every situation and he choses Your will over evil temptations. I pray that he leans on Your wisdom for guidance and that he learns to trust You, so that when he is my husband he will lead me with out doubt or fear. I pray that he strives to meet heavenly goals and what You have called him to do. May his fear of You be greater than anything else in this world. May he stand firm on Your word. Amen.

Thank you for your continued prayers,

**tomorrow: unveiling your heart, staying out of debt, and making wise decisions**

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Challenge Number Two //

Challenge number 2: Take some time to think!!! Consider all the ways God shows you His love. Praise Him for all the intentional details He puts into loving you.

Woah, God shows me His love every minute of every day. No matter how much I seem to fail, He always hold me tight in His arms. Sometimes it is so hard for me to fathom the very thought of this. I mean, how could He possibly love me when I can be so mean, distant, hateful? But He does! He is the Great God.

As I considered how God has shown me love in my personal life, I can't help but think one of the ways He shows me His love is by the people He placed into my life. Especially my family, close friends, and Michael. Every day, I am more and more thankful to have these people as constants in my life.

To my parents- Y'all have raised me into the strong-willed, Christian girl that I am. I would not be where I am today if it weren't for the two of you. You taught me about Christ's love, about how to love others and what it means to be a good friend. You have wiped my tears, held my hand, and walked with me through all of my struggles.

Mom- you were my first and are my forever friend. God knew what He was doing by making you my mother. You have taught me so much about being a woman, a christian, and a wife. I look up to you and can barely do anything without you. You are almost like the sister I never had.

Daddy- I will always be your little girl and travel companion. You were my first love and I will forever love you. I always have tried to make you proud, though I do mess up sometimes. Thank you for showing me how to go out and be myself, get dirty, and to make the most of every situation.

To Sam- You have always been there for me since the beginning. I know you always wished I was a boy and I wished you were a girl, but I have never been more thankful for an older brother. You have always protected me, looked out for me, and shown me how to have fun. You are always a call or text away and I know you always will be. Thank you for sticking up for me and letting me be your shadow. I have always thought the world of you and longed to be just like your character.

To Jessica- you are my best friend and basically my sister. You have seen me in my best of times and in my worst times and still chose to be my friend. You have shown me how to be patient, kind, and self-less. To do nothing before we've had coffee. You have always stuck by me through all of my crazy ideas and drop just about anything to be there for me. You are a true picture of self-less and I am forever grateful to you.

To Michael- you are the love of my life. The one who I am meant to spend forever with. Thank you for putting up with my sassiness and making me laugh. I love all the adventures we have had and that we will continue have. You are sweet and caring and you always put my happiness before your own. I pray for you daily and I cannot wait to spend my life with you. I know that sometimes it will be difficult, but we can handle it.

To my friends and family- Thank you for your continuous support. Each one of you has played a role in my life though it may not be a daily thing, I am forever grateful. Each one of you has impacted and shaped my life to that lady I am today. Without your love, support, encouragement, and prayers I would be nothing.

This blog has been a little different, and I know I did not include you all by name. I am so sorry for that, but I am thankful for each and every one of you. I also focused on ways God has shown me love by the people He has put into my daily life. This one is not all about Michael. I pray that each of you will get personal in your own prayers and ponder ways God has shown you love.

With love,

**tomorrow is..... understand his purpose**

Saturday, March 10, 2018

His mind //

We have finally reached the end of challenge one!! This is the last section to pray about before our challenge two begins. Tonight's prayer is over protecting our man's mind!

Luke 12:2 "And do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may prove what is good and acceptable and perfect will of God." 

As we get older, we realize even more how hard it is to want to be like everyone else in the world. We want the same clothes, the same electronics, the same cars, the same houses... all world stuff but as christians we are called to be different, to stand out. As we pray over the mind of our man tonight, I urge you to pray that he keeps his mind on things that are above and on what is right. That he stands out in the world and brings others to Christ.

Dear Lord, 
I pray that you will protect my future husband's mind, that he would be strong to fight temptations. I pray that he will rely on You for strength and look to You for wisdom. I ask that You will reveal Yourself to him so that his faith will continue to grow. May Your Word be a foundation of his heart. I pray that he will be transformed into the man you have created him to be and that he will allow You to make this change in his life. Build him up so that he walks in spiritual maturity.  May he know that You love him and care so very deeply for him. Fill him with confidence so that insecurities and doubt do not over take him. 
In Your Name, 

Tonight we focus on our hubby's mind and him looking to God for guidance, wisdom, and confidence. Let us also pray that we as the wife will continue to build him up and not be so quick to tear him down. Pray that we give our men that encouragement that they need and always stand by their side. Help us to speak softly to them and always pray for them, even if they do not know that we do.


Friday, March 9, 2018

His Words //

I often struggle with communication and how I for my words so today's prayer is a little more personal than I'd like to admit. As we continue to pray for our men, we should also pray for ourselves as their (future) wives. Communication is such a huge part of any relationship and is often considered the most important element in the relationship.

[Luke 6:45]

Dear Heavenly Father, 
I want to thank you for my future husband and bringing him into my life. I pray that he is looked up to by his peers in high regard. I pray that his character is a reflection of You. May You have influence over his speech and every word that come out of his mouth. I pray that he has control over his tongue. I pray that he is quick to build others up and that he never uses his speech to tear others down or to hurt them in any way. I also want to pray that his words are a reflection of his heart and that they bring honor to Your name. I pray he communicated clearly and always speaks the truth. I pray that in our future marriage he will use his words to communicate with me calmly and respectfully. I ask that he will encourage me and comfort me in times of distress. I pray that he is willing to use his words to pray out loud with me, and that he is willing to praise You out loud. I pray that he will lead our relationship with gentleness in his tone of voice and use love as his motivation. In all these things I pray, Amen. 

This was my spin on the built in prayer in the book. In my prayer journal, I made it even more personal than it already is. As we pray, ask God to guide your own personal speech with you significant other as well and that you always keep God in the center of it all.

Tomorrow is a super busy day for me, so it'll be another late post. The last one under challenge #1: PROTECTING HIS MIND so if you need to get a head start, that is what will be on the blog tomorrow. Thank you all again for praying with me, for me, and taking on these challenges.

With love, 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

His Family //

Okay, let me just say that I have always prayed for my future husband. My mom taught me to do so from a young age. Don't get me wrong about that. I do struggle with prayer but not in that way. My struggle comes when I lay down at night and begin to pray, I usually drift off before I finish praying. I also have a problem with focusing on myself. This is why I started using a prayer journal several years ago. It keeps me on task and helps me to minimize myself for a second and focus on others.

Now with that being clarified, we can begin. We left of with prayer for his heart, that he would be closer to God and take everything to God, allowing himself to be vulnerable. The next section which is also under challenge #1 is his family and his words and protecting his mind.

His Family:
As we pray for his family, Jennifer includes that he honors his father and mother. I love this line and the fact that she thought to include it since it is the first commandment. She bases the family section off of Exodus 20:12. 
Family has always been very important to me. I hang out with my parents more than I do my friends. My dad is my travel buddy and my mother is my best friend. With this being said, I have always longed that my future husband would also be family oriented. Thankfully mine is! But, it is still good to pray that their relationship (his and his parents) remain well.

In the book, I underlined "I pray that they can forgive and extend grace to each other." This is important in any relationship, but with parents it can be a challenge. We are all human. As the prayer for his family continues, I pray that my future husband talks to his parents with respect and compassion. I pray that he is bold with them and capable of talking about difficult things with them with courage and strength. I pray that he honors his family, but when the time comes for him to be my husband, he would be able to balance the priority of our marriage over his family in a respectful way. I pray that they are a loving family and that they love you. I pray that he has learned to be a good husband by his father or man's example. 

This part of the book is still under challenge one. It is important if you are following along, that tonight's prayer be on his family. I urge you to let yourself get emotional and personal as we continue through these challenges and daily prayers.

Always in love, 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

My Future Husband //

As many of you know, I am getting married to Michael Crowder in just a few short months. Right after we got engaged, I bought us books titled "Prayers for my future husband/wife". Normally, I do not like asking or sharing my prayers with others. Something about it has always made me feel weak. However, recently I have come to realize that asking for prayers from others is what makes us stronger as christians.

Today I am beginning my journey on "31 prayers for my future husband" by Jennifer and Aaron Smith. As I begin to fully allow myself to be consumed with prayer, I am asking my friends to pray with me and over our upcoming marriage as well. I am going to try my best to blog as I do this challenge to keep updated on my walk with God.

To be completely honest, I am strayed off the path of christianity. Not in a way that is shocking or leading me to do evil things, but I have not been putting God first in my life, I have been putting myself first and what I want. We don't always have our lives together and I have realized that I have been letting myself take control of my life for awhile now, even in my prayers. I pray that as I take this prayer challenge, that I will also allow God to be at the center once again. That I will get back on the plan that He has laid out for me.

The big day is in 108 days. With this being said, both Michael and I want a relationship more centered around Christ. We want to do this the way God intended marriage to be, like Christ and His church. For those of you who would like to take this challenge with us, today's focus for the ladies is his heart (Mark 12:30). On the first page, there is a detailed prayer about praying that your future or current husbands heart is right with God. That he will be consumed by God's love and allow himself to be vulnerable. Pray that he is willing to address emotions and not push them away. That he embraces God and serves Him passionately. Jennifer encourages you in the book, to us her prayer and make it personal in your life. I did this by inserting Michael's name instead of using "he" or "future husband" but you can also make the prayer more centered on what is going on in his life right now.

After the introduction of praying for his heart, the first challenge is given: #1 Start a Prayer Journal
I have already began a prayer journal because for me, it helps me to stay focused on my prayers and not get distracted. Jennifer urges that the first prayer in the journal be about you (future) husband.

I hope that all of you will begin a prayer challenge or follow along with me on mine for my future husband. You don't have to be engaged to begin praying for your future spouse, you can be already married and still begin a prayer challenge for your husband!! It is never too late or too early to pray for the person who is or will become your spouse. Even if you decide not to begin praying for a mate (current or future), I urge to you to begin a prayer journal and a prayer challenge. I also am asking for you to pray with me for my marriage, for both Michael and myself as we begin our journey to become one.

**In case I am not as on top of it as I hope I am going to be, the next prayer is for his family (Exodus 20:12).**

Monday, February 12, 2018

My life in utter chaos //

Dear Readers,

I would like to formally apologize for not speaking to some of you recently or updating you through my blog. This is nothing personal and I pray you have not taken it that way. The reason for my radio silence has been because I am totally overwhelmed with my personal life right now. Some of these issues are private and I do need a lot of prayers but some of them are public.

As most of you know, I am planning a wedding. One can only imagine what a headache that is alone but on top of that, I had to take a break from school. This I have chosen to keep mostly private because I am so very ashamed of it but it happens to everyone... I could not pass my praxis test in time.

This means that I have to continue trying to pass it, reapply for school, and then student teach and graduate in December. I am embarrassed by this, but I have studied and studied and I continue to press on.

Since taking a semester off from school, I have basically been working full time hours in three different departments. I am excited about this, but it does cause me to have a pretty no-existant social life not that I had a huge one before. I also began volunteering in schools to get my foot in the door and to continue doing what I love.

As all these things are overwhelming and seem to be taking control of my life, I am asking for prayers. Specifically for the following:

-My marriage to Michael: Pray for a strong, faithful relationship. That we continue to grow together in Christ. That we bond everyday, we laugh and cry and grow together as we begin our married lives.

-Less stressful planning: That I am able to take everything like a grain of salt. Pray that things get done and that I have the assurance that it will all be okay.

-School: That everything falls back into place in August.

-My big test: That when I take it again it is for the very last time. Pray I remember everything I need to and am able to remain calm and not to be tricked by the questions.

-Student teaching/Job Placement/ Job embedded:That when I do finally student teach, I can be in a place where God wants me. That I fit in and things go well for me. If possible that I can be job-embedded so that I get paid to student teach.

-Work: that my co-workers and I maintain a good relationship and that we serve with smiling faces and cheerful attitudes.

-Friendships: that my friends are understanding of my place in life and are supportive in my endeavors but likewise, I make more efforts to reach out to them.

Thank you all for reading, praying, and supporting me.